Assorted Weekday Thoughts Round 1

Hooray, they’re back! While not quite assorted “weekend” thoughts, it’s still the same gist. A post dedicated to all the random thoughts that are currently going through my head regarding anything and everything in the sports world. Ohhh boy — it’s a lot. Just finished watching the Sharks shut down the Canucks in game 1 […]

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SEWTPE VLOG 3 – Warriors, Sharks, Raiders, Olympics

HELLLOOO! Wow, I truly suck at this blogging thing.

I know, I’m like, totally Miss M.I.A., and I’m going to continue to be M.I.A. for at least the next two weeks because I’m heading to Montreal on Tuesday.

But I decided to do a quick video update because I know everyone was just dying to find out about my thoughts on all the things going on right now, right? I knew it.

So here ya go, a quick blurb about blah-de-blah blah.

Talk to you guys later. Bye!

*The best part about this video is my messy room. Yeeeaaahh, about that….

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The Wait Is Over

Happy Stanley Cup Playoff Day! Not like I contribute anything of value to the conversation, but I figured what the hell, let’s post some predictions. Let’s see how right (or wrong) I am. For what it’s worth, I am right and wrong 100% of the time. I have a full post about the Sharks-Blues series […]

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