I wanna talk about Lew Wolff

Oh I know, the Raiders are on Monday Night Football for the first time in years, and the Warriors are on a 30 assist/50% from the field streak for the first time since those 90’s Bulls, and the Sharks are middling. But… I wanna talk about Lew Wolff. But really I want to talk about […]

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By, the Bay

Taking a slight detour here — okay, a pretty freakin big detour. It’s no secret that I’m a huge tomboy. I mean, major. But you wanna know the other secret? I’m also the biggest girly, girl ever. I mean hair, makeup, clothes, boys, everything. I like being a girl. It’s so fun. One of my […]

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Just a quickie…

Hello peasants — I know I haven’t updated in years (ok months), and I certifiably suck at this blogging thing. But I promise, I will be updating more in the future, AND I have a surprise announcement, too. I’m working on an uber secret project that’s still in it’s beginning phases, but it should be […]

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