2016 is Hopeless

Going into Saturday’s Christmas Eve game versus the Colts, I’d been basking in the gloriousness of a playoff berth — the first one in 14 years. It’s been tough being a Raider fan, to say the least, but I’ve never once called myself a fan of any other team.*

*Save for the Green Bay Packers, who 1) I’ve been a fan of since 1996, as I detail in this post from my old blog, and 2) I’m a minority owner. Yes, really. I’m an NFL owner. Holla at ya girl.

The Raiders sure haven’t made this season easy. Getting to 12-3 is an accomplishment for any team, let alone the bleakness that has been the Raiders for the past decade-plus. Never once have they had an easy win this year — they’ve had to play from behind more than their fair share of times inducing heartattack-like symptoms across its fanbase. I can’t tell you how many years of my life I’ve lost from watching Raider games this year.

Denver may have been the easiest win thus far, but even that game wasn’t a cakewalk. Prior to the Colts game, myself, along with I’m sure many other Raider fans, were just wanting this team to win comfortably, for once.

No more of this coming from behind. No more of this blowing a two-score lead. No more being passive in the first half. I wanted a Raider game that was as easy as the ocean breeze. And for the first 3 quarters of the Colts game, it sure was looking like this would be that game.

There I was, sitting peacefully on the couch watching the Raiders dominate the game on both sides of the ball, truly. The offense was moving smoothly and efficiently, especially with that two-headed monster of both Jalen Richard and Deandre Washington, and the defense was shutting down Andrew Luck, be it with pressure or turnovers. It was looking like I was about to get my one and only Christmas gift that I truly wanted this year — a Raider blowout.

And then, as if time started to slow down, pinching each second down to fractions of a milisecond, there he was, rolling on the ground, grimacing in pain clutching his leg mouthing what seemed to be “It’s broke. It’s broke.”*

*This was indeed what he was saying, as noted from this wonderful mic’d up NFL films segment.

Without pause, tears immediately started bulging from my eyes because I knew what was happening, just as number 4 knew it, too. This dream season the Raiders have been on for 2016 was coming to a disastrous and depressing hault.

Not since the Superbowl (of which I’ve successfully pushed to the far reaches of my memory) have I spilled tears like that over a Raider game. Christmas Eve was ruined.*

*Christmas Day was ruined because of this, too, but I digress.

**Oh and this.

***And this. Man, 2016 just die already.

I’m not being original when I say 2016 has been one of the worst years in recent memory — with regards to all things including pop-culture, politics, and sports. Derek Carr breaking his fibula was all I needed to solidify that this is indeed the worst year ever. No hyperbole. Just some serious John Oliver realness.

Also, the fact that it might be the New England Patriots versus the Dallas Cowboys in the Superbowl makes me want to projectile vomit for days on end.

The only thing good about 2016 is the fact that it’s almost over. Yeah the Raiders will have their first post-season appearance in 14 years, but losing Derek almost makes us feel like that doesn’t even matter. Hell, losing Derek made us forget the Raiders won the game. They won. And the Raiders are 12-3.


But that doesn’t even matter anymore. What a sad year this is. What a sad post this is. Why did I even write it?*


I’m not sure why you came here, but you’re not getting any positivity from me. At least not today. Sorry.*

*Maybe I’ll get some good news about Aldon Smith to talk about tomorrow in my recap of the year…

**mmmm nope.

Ok nevermind. Die 2016 die.

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