Merry Christmas in May, Bay Area!

I have a confession to make —

In my last post about both my favorite teams being in the NBA and NHL Western Conference Finals, I said that I would watch all of the games (despite the 8-hour time difference here in London).

To my utter disappointment, I haven’t watched a single game.*

*#gradschoolwoes #ineedsleep #timezonessuck

I didn’t get to watch the Sharks dismantle the Blues punching their ticket to their first ever Stanley Cup Final. On the day of game 6, I woke up in the middle of the night to check my phone for the score. The Sharks had already won by this point, and I was able to go back to sleep in peace.  I woke up wondering if it was a dream, so I checked my phone again to make sure. Once I confirmed it was true, I couldn’t help but smile.

On the contrary, the Warriors fell down 3-1 in their series with OKC, and I was almost happy I hadn’t watched those games. I was in the middle of exams, and watching those games would have put undue stress on me. They had won game 5, and I told myself I would wake up to watch game 6. I set my alarm to wake up in time (it’s 2:00AM here), and I still didn’t catch it.

I woke up, miraculously, with about 2 minutes left in the game. I checked the score, and it was tied at 101 a piece. I couldn’t go back to sleep by this point, but I also didn’t want to be stressed. So instead of watching the game, I “followed” the game by reading updates on Twitter and continually refreshed my Sportacular app.*


My timeline was full of just one name basically — Klay Thompson! KLAAAAAYYYYY!!!! KLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! KLAY MF THOMPSON!!!

I was beginning to think Klay Thompson did something incredible.

And he did, by single-handedly* keeping the Warriors’ season alive.

*#steph #andre #notforgotten

Now he we are — game 7. The biggest game in Golden State Warriors franchise history, and I’m scared past my wits. But do you think I’m staying awake for this one? You bet.

It also helps that the Sharks play an hour before, so I’ll be watching Bay Area sports from London from 1:00AM til my body shuts down on me.

Go Sharks. Go Warriors. Let’s do this.


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