So you wanna talk about coaching?

Wouldn’t you be scared too if this Aussie was in yo’ face during an in-bound play?

During a game two years ago (can’t remember if it was the playoffs or just a REALLY significant game*), I remember being beside myself because Mark Jackson didn’t put Andrew Bogut on the in-bounder during the final play of a game.

*Ahh…I’m pretty sure it was the San Antonio Spurs 2013 playoff game — and a really significant game. I remembered as I was typing out the previous paragraph. It was the game where we were up by a lot, San Antonio came back, but we had the lead, and they had the last possession. Game 2, was it? And pretty sure Manu hit the game winner. Am I thinking of the right game? Help me out guys. (In all fairness, I was pissed at Mark Jackson for a lot of questionable coaching decisions, but I digress.)

I was yelling at the television — which is not all that unusual for me during a game. Basketball has been part of a good amount of my life, in different capacities not only as a player and coach, but also fan. So, I’d like to think that I know my stuff, and I know hell of a lot about strategy.

At the same time, I think it’s just common sense to put a 7-foot tall big man on an in-bounder for the last possession of the game, especially if you have the lead. It obstructs their vision and makes it that much harder to make the pass. When Jackson put someone else on the ball, I knew that was a mistake. And it was. And we lost.

On Tuesday, I immediately zeroed in on Steve Kerr’s decision to put Andrew Bogut (affectionately known as Boges*, now) on the in-bounder for the Magic game. I knew I was right about what I wanted Mark Jackson to do back then. I knew that I had the right idea. I knew it. And what happened? We won.

*I’ve been calling him Boges since we traded for him. So, yanno, just gonna — dust a little dirt of my shoulder there.

The Warriors have been playing unbelievable basketball to start the season, and the starting line-up has been otherworldly. But there’s been one line-up that I’ve wanted to explore, and I wasn’t sure if they would ever. Mark Jackson never did last year, or he didn’t do it as much as I wanted him to. It’s the line-up with Steph Curry at the 2.

Curry has pretty free reign as our point-guard, but he has to worry about the pass first. As a 2-guard, he’s completely free to roam about off of screens for more set-ups of that splash-3 that all Warriors fans have become accustom to seeing.

During their 5-game road trip, Kerr explored a rotation with Shaun Livingston at the 1 and Steph at the 2*. They went 5-0.

*Even though it was for only a mere 2-minutes, at best, you’re welcome for the suggestion, Coach Kerr. And thanks for listening to me.

I really don’t know what I’m trying to say here. I think I just wanted to write a post about how much I love the Warriors now (in contrast to this post over two years ago), and that I’m loving the Steve Kerr hiring more and more each day. I think Kerr’s willingness to be flexible and creative with his schemes are showing tremendous value. He’s also showed he’s willing to explore different scenarios that Jackson was too stubborn to do. It makes it harder for teams to game plan against us, and makes us a helluva fun team to watch.

I like this team. I like this team, a lot. I really don’t have anything else to say.




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