Assorted Weekend Thoughts “Studying Sucks” Session


I am in the middle of studying for one of the biggest tests of my life, and I currently don’t really care.

Ok, that’s not true. Obviously, I care a lot. Too much probably. I have locked myself in my apartment for the past 2 days all the while turning down numerous opportunities to liven up my social life* because I’m trying to be studious.

*I’m so popular.

I take the test tomorrow. Can’t wait for this torture to be over.

Anyways, it’s been a while since I’ve mused about EVERYTHING. Not just one thing — EVERYTHING. So, I’ve decided to take a break from studying to spew some unfiltered, useless and random thoughts about the goings-on of the sports world.

  • Kevin Love to the Cavs
    • I cannot express in enough words how much I love this trade. I’m a Warrior fan, and the rumors of Love coming to the team made my loins tingle. I was ready to give up Klay Thompson, David Lee, and Harrison Barnes for 1 year of Love. Yes, that’s how much I LOVE this guy (get it? get it???). The first time I watched Love play I had asked some friends of mine, “So who’s the star on this UCLA team?,” and they said, “Kevin Love.” Then, I saw him, and my racist, ignorant ass went “that guy?” He didn’t have that great of a game, and it didn’t surprise me one bit when Russell Westbrook went ahead of him in that year’s draft. Then, I watched him put up monster stats in the league. Plus, it also helped that he was playing with my boy Ricky. He’s a one-of-a-kind type of player. He’s really the player I wish David Lee could be. Love, not Ricky. But Ricky is a one-of-a-kind player, too…you know I love him.
    • Lebron will make him even better. Love, not Ricky…you know I love him.
    • Slightly sucks for Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett, but come on. They get to play with Ricky ‘da King’ Rubio. I think that’s a plus.
    • Don’t try to understand my obsession with Rubio. Instead, just read this blog post.
  • Sharks to play an outdoor game at Levi’s Stadium versus the Kings
    • FINALLY. FINALLY. FINALLY, we get an outdoor game!” says all Sharks fans.
    • Where’s it going to be? AT&T Park (where the San Francisco Giants play) seems like the best place. It’s a great ballpark, and plus, you get spectacular views of the city and the bay,” says most Sharks fans.
    • They picked Levi’s (where the San Francisco 49ers play) ! Yay!” says Sharks fans who are also Niner fans.
    • So they picked Levi”s. WHYYYYY????” says me.
  • Jenna versus Levi’s Stadium
    • Let’s get one thing straight here: Yes, I hate the Niners. Probably more than should legally be allowed, and probably more than any sane person would care to admit to. BUT, I was ready to see Levi’s with an open mind, and come out of it saying, “Well, this is nice. Good job, Niners.”
    • WRONG. I went to the Inaugural Event at Levi’s to see the San Jose Earthquakes play against the Seattle Sounders. I wanted to see the stadium, and I figured the only way I’d be able to see it was that game. For one, because ticket prices for the stadium are astronomical. Damn near mirror the housing prices in the Bay Area, which make me sad everyday. And for two, because I’m damn sure not going to a Niner game for fun. Why would I do that?
    • So I went to the game….
    • I take that back, I didn’t go to the game yet. I was in the car, and I could see Levi’s in my line of sight, except there was a line of traffic to get into the parking lot. Fine.
    • About 20 minutes pass, still not there…
    • 30 minutes…
    • 45…
    • 1 hour…
    • It was over an hour, and we hadn’t even gotten close to the entrance to the parking lot. Some people in the passenger seats in front of us were even getting out of their cars to walk into the stadium and leaving the driver in there to park the car by themselves. By the time we made it to the lot (about an hour and 20 minutes into our excursion), the parking lot attendant said the lot was full. The lot that we bought a parking pass for! Needless to say, my Levi’s experience wasn’t off to a great start.
    • And that was it. I mean, everything else about the stadium is really nice, not going to lie. But that parking situation is a beastly nightmare. Everyone says taking Caltrain will be faster. I don’t know if that’s necessarily true, but if someone takes Caltrain, please let me know how your experience was. I bet you it sucks.
    • As an aside, Levi’s is the newest stadium in the NFL which is supposed to have state-of-the-art, high-tech facilities, and it does. But I felt like I needed to compare it to something, and the closest (and most logical comparison to me) was Cowboy Stadium, which I visited this past April. If you want to ask me which stadium I prefer, it’s Cowboy Stadium. And before you get your panties in a bunch saying “Oh well duh, it’s cause you hate the Niners,” just know that’s a completely unbiased answer. Because if you know me, you know I hate Dallas with a passion. Maybe not as much as the Niners, but it’s pretty close.
    • Also, nothing compares to seeing that monster screen in Arlington. I mean, it’s life-changing. Seriously.
  • The Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys get into a fight.
    • Aren’t these two teams just lovely?

I’m going to close with this: I just got caught in the most Jenna of dilemmas possible. I’ve been asked to help style a photoshoot, and without knowing the date, I emphatically answered with a yes! Once I found out the date, I realized the shoot is on the same exact day as one of my fantasy football drafts.

Yes, my dear friends, this is the kind of dilemma that only someone like me would get caught in.

What will I choose? Stayed tuned.

Annnd that’s it for now. Back to the books. Studying sucks.

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