By, the Bay


Taking a slight detour here — okay, a pretty freakin big detour.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge tomboy. I mean, major.

But you wanna know the other secret? I’m also the biggest girly, girl ever. I mean hair, makeup, clothes, boys, everything. I like being a girl. It’s so fun.

One of my other passions (besides sports and writing) is fashion and style. I started working on this project with a good friend of mine about 2 months ago, and it’s finally ready for us to share.

By, the Bay” is a creative outlet for myself and my friend Marbel to share our style and inspiration with the world. Basically, it’s our adult version of playing dress up 🙂

So feel free to check us out.


>> (Marbel’s personal blog)

Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning this blog. Well, not for BTB.

If I abandon this blog it’s because I’m lazy, like usual. But I have a feeling I won’t be that lazy considering it’s August, and THE SPORTS iz happening again.

Let’s give it up for all the girly tomboys of the world! Cheers to you!

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