Assorted Weekday Thoughts Round 1

The best.

Hooray, they’re back! While not quite assorted “weekend” thoughts, it’s still the same gist. A post dedicated to all the random thoughts that are currently going through my head regarding anything and everything in the sports world.

Ohhh boy — it’s a lot.

  • Just finished watching the Sharks shut down the Canucks in game 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Now you know why myself and every other intelligent and knowledgeable Sharks fan out there weren’t that distraught when they lost to the Kings in the season finale. It’s because we got to play THIS Vancouver Canucks team. Not the dominant, seemingly unbeatable Canucks team in 2011 (that unfairly won our series due to a stanchion that came out of nowhere. And still fuck you, Kevin Bieksa. I mean, seriously though.) This Canucks team does not scare me. Not one bit.
  • Even though they’re not as dominant, I still hate them with a passion. The cheap shots and thuggery were abundant and deliberate. I’ve already motioned to revoke Ryan Kesler’s American citizenship status. My homie Obama is on it. Lapierre is still the same punk he’s always been, and the Sisters can stop crying after every whistle. And don’t even get me started on Alex Burrows. He continues to be public enemy number 1 in my book.
  • Technology amazes me. During the game, a random Facebook chat was started amongst 7 different people in 4 different geographic regions: East Bay, San Jose, San Diego and Vancouver. Mind you, initially,the conversation was not about the game. But I knew nearly every single person in the chat was tuned into the game. So without any context whatsoever, in the middle of the conversation, I mentioned something along the lines of “fuck the Canucks.” And from there, it went into a full-blown conversation about how Logan Couture looks like a beaver, Joe Thornton has no heart, Lapierre is a fucker, Kesler is a bad american, Torres is a serial offender, and Alex Burrows sucks at life. Every single one of those comments had a part in the chat (okay, well maybe not the last one, but to be fair, it’s true). This was awesome. Love being able to group trash talk without even being in the same place, let alone same country.
  • Dikembe Mutombo’s GEICO commercial is currently my favorite thing in the world right now. NOT IN MY HOUSE!
  • I am back at Roaracle tonight for Game 6, the close-out game. Let’s just say, my game 3 experience was enthralling. It’s nearly a week later, and my voice is still not completely back. At times, I sound like Bea Arthur. Other times, I sound like an adolescent, frustrated teenage boy whose voice squeaks during puberty. So bizarre. Talk to me in person if you want the full effect. You’ll chuckle.
  • So about Kenneth Faried intentionally going after Steph’s ankle...and Javale McGee complaining about dirty plays. First of all, McGee, shut the fuck up. You’re garbage. There’s no need for the Warriors to play dirty against you because you suck. Second of all, I’m not so sure I completely buy into Faried intentionally targeting Steph’s ankle to throw him off his game, but I do know they were considerably more physical with Steph in game 5. All I know is that Mark Jackson bringing it up during his post-game presser was 100% deliberate because now during game 6, the officials are going to start looking for it. It’ll be interesting to see what they call, and if it affects the game of either team.
  • I’ve heard this from numerous people, but I think it’s fascinating topic to explore (which I probably will elaborate more on in a future post) — but somehow, every time Steph Curry hits a 3-pointer, it has the same effect on the crowd and audience as a Lebron or Blake dunk. Hearing the noise through the television doesn’t quite do the reaction of the crowd justice. Well, actually, if you ever get a chance to make it to the Bay Area during Warrior season, you definitely need to make a game at Oracle. If you’re like me and your alma mater was not a Division I school, you probably never had the real, true college sports experience. Warrior games at Oracle are the closest people like me are going to get to having a real true college sports experience. That’s how incredibly raucous and passionate the fanbase is.
  • I’ve been reading that the long drawn out “Waaaaaarrrioorrrs” chant that goes on during games is quite new. It’s funny because I’ve always thought that was part of Warrior games (I’ve been to plenty). But I also think it may be me mixing up my sports because that’s pretty much a staple of Raider games — “RAAAIIIIDDDEEERRSSS. ” Regardless, if the chant is new, I’m 99% positive it’s Raider fans who started it.

It’s an amazing time to be a Bay Area sports fan right now. So much going on, and so much to look forward to. It’s about time the best part of California starts experiencing real sports success now. It’s about damn time.

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