Welcome to Roaracle, bitch.
Look who’s back from the dead. I never went away, I was always still here. I was just waiting to see if you missed me. Did you miss my crazy, vulgar, and awesomely hilarious ramblings about the shenanigans in the sports world?

What am I thinking, of course you did, silly goose!* Well here I am. I’m back. I’ll try not to leave ever again. Promise. As long as you promise not to leave me.

*Tangential thought here: I hate geese. Now, back to the blog…

I never have regrets. At least, that’s what I tell myself. It’s kind of pointless to live life with regrets, and it just puts unnecessary stress on you. I’m a student of the “learn from your mistakes” school of thought. It’s basically acknowledging you were an idiot, but having the strength to move past and let it go.

However, if there is one thing I do regret…one little thing, it’s that I didn’t manage to make it to a playoff game during the Warriors 2007 “We Believe” playoff run (insert “first world problems” hashtag here). I had chances to go, but I was also in college. I don’t remember what my excuse was — maybe I had to study, maybe I didn’t have a ride, or maybe  I was just too fuckin broke to justify dropping $200+ for a ticket to a game.

It doesn’t really matter what the reason was. The only thing that mattered was that I was a moron. Because that was the season the Warriors beat the Dallas Mavericks in a huge upset and sent the Bay Area into a complete tizzy. This place was in a state of euphoria for an entire two weeks during that series, and seriously one of the most exciting times in sports I’ve ever experienced.

It’s no secret that Oracle Arena (where the Warriors play) is home to some of the loudest, most passionate fans in the league. There is a reason for that. The Bay Area is one huge metropolitan area with three major cities. Two of the cities have multiple sports teams, and San Jose has the Sharks (gosh, why does that sentence make them seem pathetic?)

Despite being the Bay Area’s most consistently good pro team, hockey still remains somewhat of a fringe sport as far as popularity here. It’s also worth noting the Sharks have only been here for a little over 20 years. So it’s taking some time for anyone outside of San Jose to become the psycho bizarre hockey fan that I am.*

*To be completely fair, no one will ever be the psycho bizarre hockey fan I am. 

When it comes to football and baseball, it’s almost blasphemous to cheer for both San Francisco and Oakland teams. Many people justify it as cheering for “the Bay”, but that’s bullshit and everyone knows it. As one of my good friends would say, “That’s like saying you’ll cheer for the Lakers just cause they’re in California.” Dude has a point. You can only choose one! Or else you’re not a true fan (says the “Giants” fan only when they’re in the World Series. Niner fans STFU and leave me alone.)

But when it comes to the Warriors, it’s a different story. They are the one team the entire region unites around because they’re all we have. They are the one team Raider fans and Niner fans can collectively and harmoniously cheer for. They are the one team A’s and Giants fans don’t argue about. In the 3 seasons the Warriors have made the playoffs during the Sharks’ existence, they are the basketball team Sharks fans cheer for after team teal completes their annual playoff let-down. With their storied (albeit torturous) history, they also have fans who have deeply rooted passion for the franchise, and become elated when the team experiences any semblance of success, as we saw during the 2007 playoff run.

I’m one of these fans. It’s been hard to maintain the same amount of passion for the team given the level 10 incompetence of the moronic front office, but I’ve always been a fan.  I’ve mentioned plenty of times that I consider basketball my first love, and the Warriors will always be my favorites.

Plus, it’s hard not to fall in love with this current iteration of the team. With Steph’s smooth stroke, Klay’s kool konfidence, and Harrison’s highlights*, there’s a lot to appreciate about the way they play, and there’s something for everyone to like. Game 2 on Tuesday was something of a masterpiece. Probably one of the most satisfying Warrior wins I’ve seen in a very long time (with crushing Dallas in game 6 probably taking the top spot.)  If you live outside of Denver and you’re not cheering for the Warriors, you have no soul.

*Please note that I’ve been Harrison’s champion since the draft, as you can see here and here. I am so smart.

Needless to say, that regret that I referred to at the beginning of this post, well it’ll soon be forgotten, as I’m heading to the game tonight. Yes, that’s right,  I learned my lesson, and I will be there going balls out fitting in with the Oracle crowd, I’m sure.

Or maybe not, since my goal is to get on TV. That’s right. TV. And only the psycho, bizarre fans get airtime at Oracle. And as YouTube Legend Bart Scott would say, “CAN’T WAIT!”


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