Fantasy Football Draft Series – Day 2

This was me last night.

My Fantasy Football 3-day draft madness continued yesterday. It will come to its climax and epic conclusion this evening with my first ever auction style draft. The anticipation kills me.

But for now, day 2…

Draft Day 2: Ex-Airplay League 

Unlike my league from yesterday, there is no money involved here — just the all important aspect of preserving the ego and gaining a whole lot of pride.

I used to work at this company that paid me to watch NFL football games on Sunday. This is not a lie. Every Sunday, I would head to work to watch football and get paid. Obviously, there was a “job” involved, but being able to get paid to watch football when it’s what I would have been doing Sundays anyway was basically the best job anyone could ask for.

This league is full of my ex-coworkers from that company. So even though this is a non-paid league, at least I know I’m playing with owners who actually understand the game and know what they’re doing. It’s always a buzzkill when you’re playing with a bunch of people who not only don’t know how to play fantasy football, but also don’t really watch the NFL. Those people should stay as far away from fantasy football as possible.

But I digress…

I was nervous once I entered the draft room because of the 12 teams, 8 were on auto-pick. That’s a buzzkill, too. In fact, the first overall pick was on auto, and his auto-draft selected Arian Foster. He comes into the room about 6 rounds in and says, “I forgot our draft was tonight. If I remembered, I would not have taken Foster.”

“Then who?” I asked.

“Pryor.” As in Terrell.

Fortunately, by about round 5 there were only around 4 people on auto-pick. Basically everyone just decided to show up fashionably late. Except for the 4 of us that were on time.

As far as my actual draft, I had a major dilemma in the very first round. I was the 7th pick, and I narrowed down my choices to two players: Darren McFadden or Tom Brady. I took up nearly the entire 1:30 to make my decision.

Logic says Brady right? 7th pick, not too high, pretty much the perfect spot to draft him. Well, I was THIS CLOSE, THIS CLOSE  to doing it. But honestly, the thought of having to cheer for Tom Brady during the season makes me want to vomit. So I went with a safe pick and selected my Oakland Raider, my boy DMac. Sure, I have reservations about his health, but at the same time I know what he’s capable of. He’s going to be the best back in the league. Mark my words.

Although, a consequence of not taking Brady meant that I had to settle for Phillip Rivers. Yes — settle. That’s the word I’m using. Meaning I didn’t really want him, but he was the best available. Oh god. Please don’t make me regret picking you, McFadden. I believe in you.

Everything else was pretty standard. Not a lot of smack talk in the room, but I’m sure we’ll see some jabbing back n forth during the season.

Again, no Rashad Jennings in the 3rd round type of moves here. Unless you want to count me drafting the Raiders’ defense in the 15th round. Yeah I know, such a reach.

As I mentioned in the intro, tonight is my first ever fantasy auction draft. I am irrationally excited for this. I think I have a strategy, but then everyone who I’ve talked to who participated in an auction draft say the best strategy is to have no strategy. The only reason why is because there will be some jackass who just completely screws everything up, and then you have to abandon your strategy anyways.

I’m going in with a strategy. I think my strategy is quite good to be honest. And I’m not sharing it with anyone.

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