Fantasy Football Draft Series – Day 1

Fantasy Football

I’m strange and obsessed and awesomely addicted to Fantasy Football. I joined 3 leagues this year, and I decided to chronicle my draft day diaries in a draft day series. Be prepared for a barrage of posts because each of my 3 drafts are on 3 consecutive days. And each draft will be a completely different experience. So a post each day until Thursday.

But let’s be honest here, I may be over-ambitious with this idea considering I’ve updated this blog a whopping 3 times in the past 4 months, but I’m going to try to live-up to my ambition for once….for the 2nd time?

Draft Day 1: QFL

This is my 7th year in the league, and we’ve had a majority of the teams stay the same with the same owners. For what it’s worth, this league pretty much satisfies the three golden standards for an ideal fantasy football season:

1) owners that return yearly

2) owners that maintain their teams week-to-week, and

3) owners that actually know what the fuck they’re doing.

This is always that most fun league that I have. Draft day is especially fun because most of us know what kinds of players a specific owner will lean towards be it players on their favorite team or a certain player (for whatever reason) they seem to draft year after year. Regardless of the value of the pick, smack talk will occur, which is always the best part of drafts. I’m usually pretty involved in the smack talk because it makes it more fun. Also because I truly believe the players I pick are actually good, and the players other owners select suck.

I was the third pick in the draft. I was anticipating Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady would fall first, then I would have selected Arian Foster. However, that’s not the way it went. Not at all. It went Foster then Ray Rice. I was shocked only because I was completely convinced Rodgers would be taken before I could get him on my team, but voila! He fell right into my hands. So my 1st round pick was Rodgers. I could not be more stoked.

My 2nd round pick may seem like a shocker (to those of you who know me personally) but if you were in our league, you would know that I draft this guy nearly every year. If this were a keeper league, he’d definitely be mine — Wes Welker. That guy has been money for me every year, and I honestly don’t remember the last time I took another wide receiver prior to him (if he was still left on the board after round 1). He’s the only Patriot I can put up with. Oh and he’s pretty cool to follow on Twitter, too.

As excited I was about my first two picks, I started to get kinda bummed about my RBs. But, any fantasy football player this year knows it’s a headache when it comes to the RB pool this year. Foster goes first overall by default, but then its Ray Rice and LaShon McCoy? Good players, sure, but worthy of top 5 picks? Then after those guys, it’s kind of a crapshoot. I settled for Michael Turner. I had him last season, and he was alright. But my next two RBs are BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Shonn Greene. Yeaah…I might be screwed in my RB core this year.

However, fear not — I have a plan.

Well, actually, it became a plan once I realized both the quarterbacks I drafted have the same bye week. Yes, I drafted the second QB without looking at his bye week. A 7-year vet making a rookie mistake! However, this second QB is none other than the Washington Redskins’ savior himself, RG3. He and Rodgers’ bye week is week 10, so I’m hoping he pulls some sort of Cam Newton-esque year so I can trade him before the bye. Yup, that’s my plan. Well, it became a plan out of necessity, because I need another RB. And QB for week 10. Damnit.

Did I draft a Raider? Why yes, yes I did. Even though he’s hurt, I took Denarius Moore in the 9th. He’s what you would call a “value pick.”

Or a “homer pick.”

It pains me to draft Patriots, and I already have one on my team. But I went ahead and drafted Brandon Lloyd, too. I think I might burn in hell.

Other players who rounded out my team are nothing special, but I think I built a solid group.

Unlike some smart one in my draft who took Rashad Jennings with the 27th overall pick. 27th! You know, Maurice Jones-Drew‘s backup. Needless to say, he got ripped a new one. The smack talk was endless. The owner admitted it’s a huge risk. Huge risk is a huge understatement. My money bets that Mojo is in the line-up by week 2 at the latest. Then it fails to be a huge risk and ends up just being a wasted pick. Like JaMarcus Russell.

I have another draft tonight with some ex-coworkers. I was in this league for about 4 years, dropped out last year, but am back in it this year. This one will be fun. All these guys know football because our job involved us having to watch NFL football games and get paid for it aka the dream job. That’s right. We got paid to watch ALL NFL football games every Sunday. Man, I miss it.

Until tomorrow…

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