Questions to Ponder

This is a lazy post.

There are so many things I want to write about, but I’m too lazy to write about all of them. So I decided to do a variation of the Assorted Weekend Thoughts post, and instead, condensed all my thoughts into questions.

Ever the inquisitive mind that I am, here are some questions that fall into three categories:

  1. Some that I somewhat know the answer to
  2. Some that I don’t know the answer to
  3. Some that are completely rhetorical

I’ll leave it up to you to determine which questions are which. Feel free to answer any or all of these questions in the comments below.

  • How is March Madness going? This is the first year in a long time where I didn’t fill out a out bracket, thus I haven’t been paying that close attention because I have no investment. However, I always thought March Madness would be fun whether or not I filled out a bracket, but for some reason, March doesn’t seem so Mad this year. What were the big upsets besides Duke, Mizzou and Georgetown? Any last second buzzer beaters? 
  • Is Kentucky really that good? I’m not a college basketball guru, I need some help here guys!
  • Has anyone told Anthony Davis he has a wicked unibrow? No? Well they should. And he should do something about it. That thing is gnarly.
  • After the Niners failed to get Peyton Manning, what will the conversation between Alex Smith and Jim Harbaugh sound like? I’d imagine it’s something to the extent of, “Oh, we never really wanted Manning anyways. Alex, it’s alw–alwa—always been you.” “Really, coach? You really want me back?” “Uhhhm sure… yeah, Alex…uhmm…what were we talking about again?
  • Is Alex Smith out pricing himself based on ONE decent season? And it’s only decent because he was so god-awful in the years prior. He realizes the defense was what carried the team, right?
  • What’s the best theory as to why Peyton chose the Broncos as his destination? Not wanting to play against his brother to get to the SuperBowl seems like a decent enough of reason, but if that’s the reason, then he’s a pansy.
  • Over/under on how many weeks it takes for Randy Moss to complain he’s not involved in the offense enough? I’d put it around week 4, maybe week 5, but it’s his own fault. He should have known that Harbaugh only allows Alex Smith to throw the ball no more than 10 times a game. I don’t see why that’s going to change this year.
  • What is the Raiders’ biggest need this year? I would say cornerback then linebacker. The offense seems pretty set to me. Would like to see a veteran WR come in to mentor our young guns, but that obviously isn’t the biggest need.
  • Raider fanson a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you trust this new front office, with 1 being a little and 10 being a lot? I’m somewhere around an 11. This is the first year without Al Davis calling the shots. Every decision this front office makes is a better one than Al would have ever made.
  • What are the chances the Warriors will lose the rest of their games this season? Better yet, what are the chances 70+% of Warrior fans will be pissed that they’re losing? All 70% of those people are dumb. Any true Warrior fan knows that the team must tank the rest of the season if they want to get better. It’s just simple logic people, come on. Lose all your games, Warriors. Don’t half-ass it. Like seriously, go for the jugular and just blow every single game from here on out. Just do it.
  • What happened to Linsanity? I read a Forbes article the other day that mentioned stores were selling their Jeremy Lin stuff for 90% off. Hmm…I guess it’s not the cool thing anymore? When it comes to most of basketball, I’m out of the loop. I have my 12-year old cousin text me with updates. He’s way better at following the league than I am.
  • How sad was I when I found out Ricky Rubio was out for the season? Remember the beginning of Up, when she died? Oops, spoiler sorry. Well yeah, that’s how sad I was. Not how the movie made me feel, but how the actual characters felt. How Carl felt when Ellie died. Yeah, that way.
  • Will the Sharks clinch a playoff berth before the last game of the season? Let’s just say, if it does come down to the final game of the season, I’ll probably be in the hospital for an anxiety attack and/or heart palpitations. Just in case you wanted to try to get a hold of me.
  • How awesome is Martin Havlat? When healthy, he has to be one of the top 10 most dazzling puck handlers and exciting players in the league. I said it on Twitter, and I’ll say it again: Marty, will you and your ginger beard marry me? You make me so happy.
  • With that said, is Havlat’s return enough of a catalyst for the Sharks? Obviously, he’s on fire right now, and prior to the stinker against Anaheim by the team (not by Havlat), he seemed to give the Sharks all the confidence in the world in the games versus Nashville and Detroit. I’d like to think he is enough of a jumpstart for them, but they better get going quickly. They are running out of time. Only 10 games left. Geez, where did the season go?
  • What are the odds I cry if the Sharks miss the playoffs? 3:2
  • What are the odds I fall into a deep depression if the Sharks miss the playoffs? 2:1
  • What are the odds I completely remove the last couple months of the season from my memory and pretend like they never happened if they do make the playoffs? About 2:1. The NHL playoffs are a whole different animal. The best team doesn’t always win the cup. It’s the team who’s playing the best at that time. Just make the dance and anything can happen.

Again, feel free to answer any of these questions, even though I answered some of them for you — for me?


Go team. Go sports.

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