Assorted Friday (Well, Pretty Much Just NHL) Thoughts Vol. 1

Hey Rick Nash, no thanks. Columbus kinda sucks. I like it in San Jose.

Let’s just get into it, shall we…

  • This “Rick Nash to the Sharks” business is driving me more insane than should be humanely possible. It’s an obsession, I tell ya. (Yes, I’m sick, I know.) I’ve been dissecting every single word and article and tweet from anyone and everyone all in an attempt to wrap my head around the idea that one of my favorite players in the league could be making his way to teal town. I’m still in awe that the Sharks are even in the conversation…prominently, at that.
  • With that said, I am not on board, and I’m sticking by what I said in my previous post. I just can’t justify losing the American Hero (Joe Pavelski) to someone with a larger cap hit and has yet to prove himself in the playoffs.
  • One of the golden rules as a sports fan is to not get emotionally attached to players considering the fluidity of player movement with free agency/trades and what-not. Teams change and players leave. Besides Patrick Marleau, I’ve got to think Joe Pavelski is probably the next player to whom most fans feel emotionally attached to, especially considering all the big goals and moments he’s had with the team in his short career, all with the Sharks. And yeah, count me in as one of those fans.
  • And with that, I’m probably going to have a brain aneurism in the next 3 1/2 days or so from NHL Trade Deadline madness.
  • Columbus sucks, man. I can’t believe they traded Jeff Carter for Jack Johnson (+ a 1st). Yeah, Carter is not having a great year, but he was playing in hockey hell. Jack Johnson sucks. I have him on my fantasy team, and he sucks. ::goes to check fantasy team:: and he’s a minus-1 today. He sucks.
  • He did get 4 PIMs, though.
  • He still sucks.
  • When Philly traded Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, I was confused. How are you going to trade your Captain and Assistant Captain (both who are under 30) in the same offseason? I didn’t understand what they were doing at all, neither did a lot of people, apparently. Then, the whole “dry island” story came about, and the news of how Richards and Carter were pretty hardcore party boys. Then, I realized, “dude, Philly still has Claude freakin Giroux — they’ll be fine.” So it became pretty apparent that the reason Philly wanted to jettison both from their town was because they wanted to spit them up, like those two troublemakers in class who have to sit on opposite sides of the room. Gotta keep them apart so they don’t cause anymore ruckus.
  • And as hard as Philly tried by sending Carter to hockey oblivion, and Richards to California where most people are surprised hockey exists, even through all of that, Richards and Carter are getting reunited…in arguably, the biggest party town in the country. I guess they’re just meant to be together.
  • I retweeted this tweet because I thought it was hilarious and fitting. Mostly because picturing a bleach blonde Carter leaving drunk messages for his BFF Richie sounds hilarious by just reading it.
  • In all seriousness, Carter to the Kings blows. I may be softening on the Nash to SJ deal after all…
  • Nope. Not softening. Please don’t send Joe Pavelski to Columbus, DW. He doesn’t deserve it. No one deserves that kind of torture — well, except for maybe Alex Burrows. But he’s the only one.
  • I guess I’m going to be able to see the final iteration of this team on Tuesday since I’m going to the game against the Philadelphia Flyers. (I think there’s some irony there, but I can’t figure out what it is.)

I don’t even know what else to say. All I know is that whatever happens, the trade deadline is going to send me into a tizzy, as if it hasn’t already. Godspeed, ladies and gents…godspeed.

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