Why The NHL Trade Deadline Will Probably Kill Me

Rick Nash
Hey Joe Pavelski, you down to switch places? Columbus is totally cool brah.

I’ve been a fan of exactly 4 teams my entire life. Well, 5 if you want to include the Packers, but they mainly serve as my NFC team. And no, I didn’t just jump on the bandwagon last year or this year. I’ve been a Packer fan since the mid-90’s. I even briefly wrote about it in my Tumblr here, here and here.

Wait, I thought this was a hockey post…???

And it’s not like I have to name them — you need only read a couple posts on this blog to find out who they are. But for those lazy ones who don’t like to read, those aforementioned 4 teams are the Raiders, Warriors, A’s, and Sharks. I’ve been through highs and lows, ebbs and flows, good years, bad years, JaMarcus Russell, “WE BELIEVE”, Giambi not sliding, 2009 NHL playof– oh wait, never mind, no…that never happened. That’s a whole lot of passion and fandom collected over my short lifespan.

Okay? Get to the point.

Clearly, I have spent a lot of time and attention to my teams (something I’m going to have to start re-evaluating if I want to have a life). I’ll admit it, my obsession is a little over-zealous at times, but hey, we all have our vices right?

Vices? JaMarcus? You’re losing me, hun…

And while I’ve tried to come up with a creative lede to this post, I’ve ended up rambling about something that doesn’t really have much relevance to the topic I want to speak about. So we’re just going to ignore what I said above, and flat out say what I’ve horribly tried to transition to: Rick Nash. If you’re really feelin lazy, I have bullet points somewhere after the jump if you’d just like to start there. Also, I have some exciting news at the very end of this post, if you wanted to check that out, too.

A couple of weeks ago, I tried to start video blogs thinking they would start replacing written posts. Boy, was I wrong about that. Anyways, my second video specifically talks about how I went to the Columbus Blue Jackets game (1:39), and how desperately I wanted Rick Nash on the Sharks. And if not on the Sharks, I mostly just wanted poor Nash saved from Columbus. He’s just going to rot and die over there if he stays.

I didn’t mention it in the video, but at that time, I was pretty convinced the Sharks had no shot in hell of even being mentioned in conversations about Nash. For one, I didn’t think things would get so bad in Columbus that they would actually consider trading their premiere player. Well, things got worse, and on Tuesday, 29 teams in the NHL got a Valentine’s day gift when it was announced Nash was on the trading block. And for two, the packages the Sharks would have to offer for Nash would be astronomical. Basically, mortgaging the future for an all-or-nothing year a la the Blackhawks circa 2010.

With a no movement clause in place, Nash would have to approve the trade to said team. To anyone insane like me who’s following this saga intently, mostly on Twitter, it was revealed yesterday that Nash would only approve a trade to 5 teams: the Bruins, Rangers, Maple Leafs, Kings, and Sharks. Ok, so the Sharks’  competition just got sliced by about 75%. Again, the fact that the team is even being mentioned in the same sentence with Nash is unreal to me. I did not think this was even possible. Is my dream revealed on my VLOG #2 about to come true???

Time to switch gears. I have many thoughts on this, so it’s probably best I bullet point it because I have a feeling I’m going to be all over the place:

  • Joe Pavelski is the centerpiece of this trade. Doug Wilson isn’t stupid enough to move Logan Couture right now, so Pavs is the next logical piece. Let’s just say if the Sharks’ very own American Hero is included in this package, I will cry.
  • Obviously, I love Rick Nash, but for Pavelski and most likely a young D man, prospect, and pick (if not more) in return…it’s a brutal price to pay. They have to win this year because the cap will go to shit next year with some current roster players getting raises and not much coming off the books (besides Niittymaki and probably Mitchell, maybe White? At most, that’s about $4 million.)
  • I started to think this would be an atrocious move and decided I still want a 3rd line PKer instead. (Oh hi, Dominic Moore.) Well, then…uhm, hmm…this is it then. This is the team that’s going to win the cup. Did the sarcasm come across there? I hope so.
  • Rick Nash on a line with Joe Thornton, again, as they were during the lockout? Good god, can you even imagine?
  • I read an interesting theory, and I’m starting to think it has some legs. There were rumors from multiple outlets (via reliable Twitter accounts) that the Sharks were offering the most enticing package so far (Yeah, duh. Joe Pavelski is awesome, that’s why.). But with DW knowing the other teams involved in negotiations, maybe this is just posturing on DW’s part to drive up the price so whoever gets him ends up overpaying. To me, personally, Nash makes the most sense on the offensively-challegned Kings, and the Kings potentially have the most useful and valuable package for Columbus. With news that the Sharks are pressing hard for 61, this could easily push the Kings to up the ante. While it would suck to see Nash in LA, I wouldn’t mind if they get completely housed in the process.
  • Analyzing this from an objective point of view (me objective? who would have thought), I highly doubt the Sharks end up with Nash. As talented as he is, Pavelski is just way too valuable to team teal. He wins face-offs, scores goals, timely goals, mans the point on the PP, plays defense…all for only $4 million a year. Columbus is looking for goaltending and D, which other teams can offer, the Sharks cannot.
  • What do the Sharks actually need? I don’t understand the need for another top-6 forward. When Martin Havlat comes back, the top-6 is set. Say what you want about Havlat, but I for one, choose to believe he’s going to be a force when he returns from his injury. He’ll be the playoff magician everyone knows him for. The D is fine, better than fine. Antti Niemi is fine. Inconsistent sure, but not everyone has the luxury of having Henrik Lundqvist in net. If I were to nitpick, it would be depth scoring. But they don’t need to give up Joe Pavelski to get that…
  • I’m just going to have to hope he goes to an Eastern Conference team not named the Bruins or Rangers.

These next 10 days or so until the trade deadline are going to drive me insane. I have a lot more to say, and will probably write a little more about this in the coming days, but this post is already over 1200 words.

I’ll wrap it up here: Rick Nash is awesome. Losing Joe Pavelski is not. Early congratulations to the Toronto Maple Leafs, if they’re able to swing the most coveted man in the league.

Some quick asides (aka shameless plugs):

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