Assorted Weekend Thoughts Volume Tres

The Warriors are the popcorn flavor. Good every once in a while but if we're being truthful, it's actually kind of crappy.

Up. Down. Up. Down.

Those were pretty much my emotions over the last few days in the sports world. Allow me to illustrate.

Friday: UP

  • I got home from my first full week at a new job, and all I wanted to do was drink a glass of red wine, kick off my shoes, plop down on the couch, and watch whatever game was on. I scrolled through the channel guide and found the Minnesota Timberwolves versus the Los Angeles Clippers. I don’t think this game has ever been on my radar, ever. I think I’ve watched more curling matches* than I have T’Wolves and Clippers games combined.
  • *I’ve actually watched a lot of curling surprisingly. The only reason I watched so much was because during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, curling was ALWAYS the event that was on prior to hockey. So I’d watch curling just to get to the hockey game. For the record, I still don’t understand what the hell goes on in that game. Do you?
  • But I digress…anytime I get to watch Ricky Rubio play, I will tune in. It’s just become an automatic response at this point in the season. What a stinker of a game he was playing though, until the fourth quarter, that is. Granted, he didn’t score much, and didn’t rack up a ton of assists, but I guarantee if you were watching that game, you would  have noticed him. If only because the commentators were slobbering over his play and couldn’t stop pointing out all of the positives in his game. Then he hit that 3-pointer, and I’m pretty sure Rubio’s fan club (including the president, yours truly) went bonkers. That was fun. Oh and Kevin Love’s shot to seal the deal was fantastico. Probably one of the best basketball games I’ve seen in the past couple of years.

Friday: DOWN

  • While watching T’Wolves vs Clips, I was simultaneously watching the Warriors vs Pacers game, and that, too, was going down to the last second. There’s no need to relive the memory nor is there a need to get pissed about the fact that the refs blew the kick-ball call on George Hill. What I’ve come to notice with Monta Ellis, especially with the clock dwindling down, is that he takes way too much time off the clock. A lot of times, he ends up with no time left or taking an off-balanced or ill-advised shot. Yeah, I know he’s lightning quick, but he has to make decisions faster so he can, in turn, make better decisions. Sure, the Pacers game wasn’t his fault. But if he had made a decision sooner, there may have been more time on the clock for the Warriors to get the ball back after the free throws.
  • I am a basketball coach, after all. I know these things.

Saturday: UP

  • Anytime the Sharks play the Canucks, my blood starts to boil. I just want to beat them so bad. Sometimes, I think I want to beat them more than the Sharks do. But then Jamie McGinn leveled Dan Hamhuis over the boards. And Joe Pavelski (JOE PAVELSKI!) stepped up and fought Keith Ballard in only his second career fight. And let’s not forget, Brad Winchester responded to my Twitter request and went full-speed decking my favorite player in the whole wide world, Alex Burrows, with a hard shoulder. Ok, I said to myself. I like that the Sharks want to kill the Canucks. I can dig that.

Saturday: DOWN

  • Too bad it was all for naught. They lost.

Sunday: WAY UP

  • I have been miserable the past 3 weeks because of the 49ers. They have singlehandedly ruined my mood. Let’s just say, I have not been a very pleasant person to be around if you’re a Niner fan. So when they lost on Sunday, thanks to my new hero, Kyle Williams, I said to myself, “This must be what heaven feels like.” I will elaborate more on this and the Niners later this week, but needless to say, this was one of the best feelings in a while.
  • I still don’t understand why Williams didn’t go after the ball. Didn’t he feel the ball touch his leg? Did he not think anyone saw it? Did he not remember that there’s this thing called replay in the NFL, and they WILL use it? That was one of the most boneheaded plays I’ve ever seen (and I’m a Raider fan, people).
  • I’ve come to realize that while I hate the Niners (I truly do), I hate bandwagon fans the most (of any team). And that’s usually where most of my hate is directed towards. Again, more on this later in the week.

Sunday: DOWN

  • My elation was stifled once I realized I was going to be bombarded with New York-Boston propaganda again for the kajillionth time in my brief years of existence on this planet. As if the media doesn’t hype this up enough, it’s going to be overkill for the next 2 weeks. I may have to avoid ESPN until February — ehhh, probably June.

Monday: UP

  • Well, got damn. The Sharks are kind of on a mini losing streak, but they’re playing Edmonton, who are like, one of the worst teams in the league, and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is out and Taylor Hall can only see out of one eye, so this should be cake. They’re the only team I can really count on. And it’s the first of a back-to-back. This is great. MOAR HAWKEY PLEEZ.

Monday: WAY DOWN (What’s further down than hell? Yeah I’m past that.)

  • OMG. Brent Burns. I think I just shed a tear. Please be okay or I might die.
  • Usually, I would wish for someone to return the favor to Ales Hemsky, but he seems to do a pretty good job of that himself.
  • Let’s be grateful that the All Star break is basically here. The team needs it. Badly. Hell, I need it.


I’m on an emotional rollercoaster, lovin you ain’t nothin healthy

lovin you was never good for me

but I can’t get off

Go Team.

6 thoughts on “Assorted Weekend Thoughts Volume Tres

  1. LOL you would get so many more views if you reported on just basketball, cricket and soccer and if you made videos on it. TRUST ME!

    1. I appreciate the suggestion, but writing about those sports would require that I actually care about those sports. I do not. Oh well.

      Thanks for caring though.

      1. Sorry lol I am just finding it hard to fathom you not caring about the two most popular sports in the world. I only liked playing cricket and soccer. But now with cricket I don’t go for any international team. I just want a good cricket match. Whereas with soccer I follow a team in the english premier league, the A-league, The socceroos and the japanese national soccer team. Like what have experience have you had with the two sports to make you feel this way?

      2. I’m from the States. It’s nothing personal at all. I have never seen a cricket match in my life and soccer is only important here if the US is in the World Cup. And I will comment on soccer if that’s going on, but otherwise I just don’t acknowledge it. And hate to break it to ya, but I will probably NEVER cover cricket. Ever. Thats probably the only time I’ll even mention the sport.

  2. So wouldn’t it be good to open your horizons beyond your bubble lol? Like you said you haven’t even watched a cricket game. Both cricket and soccer are taking heaps strides to become popular in the States whilst baseball and american football haven’t. Baseball is actually dying in japan as more people turn to soccer. That is because there isn’t any passion in baseball and it is a soft game. They use a glove to catch a ball that is softer than a cricket ball haha. Baseball, has no international club competition and I bet you wouldn’t be able to tell me who has scored the most home runs for the american national team. A very important statistic that seems no-one has bothered to record lol. Then with american football, the people of europe didn’t grow to NFL Europa. They saw past commercial gimmicks and realized there was only 12 minutes of actual game time. All i am saying is try watching a game. Manchester United are versing Liverpool at 7.45am EST i think. Pretty much two of the most followed sporting teams in the world and yeah tell me how you go 🙂

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