Ooh look, it’s me. You can listen to me bitch rather than read it.

I apologize in advance if the volume is really low (I’m sick), and if the lighting is shitty (I have a degree in Radio & Television, that’s unacceptable!), and if I say stupid things (this is a given and will probably happen often). I don’t really say anything of substance, or much at all so this is probably really boring. I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to do this, so this was more or less a test run. This was originally a long video, but I split it up because shorter is better (or is it???). There’s another part of this video that I didn’t edit about the NBA, and I might put that up later in the week.

But until then, I hope you enjoy these two videos…and if not…uhm sorry?

And yes, that’s Allen Iverson’s game-worn shoe in the left hand corner for anyone wondering. And it’s autographed. The only one of its kind.

P.S. I’m very excited about a lot of things, obviously.

NFL Playoffs

San Jose Sharks

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