Assorted Weekend Thoughts

The black licorice jelly bean is Alex Burrows. BLECH!

In this post, thoughts about how much I think the new NBA CBA is a load of crap, how much of pieces of crap I think the Canucks are, and how happy I am the Raiders didn’t play like crap.

  • Clearly, the biggest news of the weekend was the “end” of the NBA Lockout. Pending some rebellious and egregious player votes, the season is set to start on Christmas Day. Hmm…I still don’t care.
  • At first glance, reading over some of the details of the new CBA, I still don’t think it creates enough of a competitive balance in the league. They put stricter rules on the luxury tax, but that doesn’t prevent big market teams from spending more money. And it doesn’t change the fact that the big market teams are STILL going to spend more money than small market teams. A hard cap was absolutely necessary, and failing to include this in the new CBA is a HUGE loss.
  • The league should still contract. But I’ve felt this way even before the lockout happened. I swear I feel like I’m watching the D-league during some match ups. This is a professional basketball league. Mediocrity is unacceptable. And the fact that they get paid to be mediocre? Disgusting.
  • One thing I do love is the amnesty clause. It’s especially valuable to a team like the Warriors who need to dump TONS of salary without it counting against the cap. Charlie Bell seems to be the main target. Fine by me.
  • To be honest, the only reason I’m writing about the end of the NBA lockout is to get more hits on this blog. And if I were being completely honest, I was hoping the NBA locked out the entire season. Locking out the entire season would have been awful, but it would have forced all sides to restructure the entire system, which is broken and is still broken, even with this compromise. Oh well. See you in the playoffs, NBA…maybe.
  • That last sentence is a lie. I probably will watch Warrior games — that is, when the Sharks aren’t playing.
  • I never realized how much I actually hate the Vancouver Canucks until I went to the game on Saturday. Strange because I was cheering for them in the Stanley Cup Final (only because I think it’s physically impossible for me to cheer for any Boston sports team). I guess, you can say, I wasn’t cheering for Boston. While I was at the game, the minute I sat down during warm-ups the first thing I said was “I fuckin hate the Canucks.” And then it sporadically came up throughout the game, as well, like some sort of odd form of terets or something.
  • In that same respect, I knew I hated Alex Burrows, but I didn’t know how much. When I found out Joe Thornton slashed his hand and took him out of the game for a bit, I thought to myself, “How come people don’t do that to Burrows more often? How come people don’t do worse?” And then I really hated Burrows even more for making me NOT care about dirty plays and cheap shots. Dirty plays and cheap shots are dispicable and should not be a part of the game, but when it comes to that weasel 14, I really couldn’t care less.
  • Milan Lucic doing this still makes me so happy.
  • The Niners lost on Thursday to a playoff contender in the Ravens. I was all ready to talk trash, but I refrained from doing it until the Raiders won on Sunday against a playoff contender in the Bears because I didn’t want to eat my words. Well, I’d like to thank my team for pulling their weight, getting the win, and allowing me to say (even if just for one week) that the Raiders won, the Niners lost ergo the Niners suck.
  • I have thoughts about Tim Tebow, but I can’t even express them in words. He literally makes me speechless. I guess that’s what Jesus does to you, huh?

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