This is a rant you probably won’t agree with (but you should)

I spent the weekend in Vegas, and naturally, I was eager to hit the sports book to place some bets.

For the record, I always go to Vegas and say I want to hit the sports book to place some bets, but I’ve only ever really done it once (or twice). And it was a long-shot bet: $50 on the Raiders to win the Superbowl–in 2008. Yes, that was a Jamarcus Russell team. So I basically threw away $50. The other time I did it was a parlay card. I’m better at those. I won some cash, but not enough to brag about.

This past weekend, we stayed at the Venetian. On Sunday, we thought it’d be a good idea to head to Lagasse’s at the Palazzo to watch the football games. I also wanted to place my Stanley Cup bet on the Sharks which is 12:1, pretty damn good odds with a decent payout if you ask me.

The Raiders were on a bye so I had nothing to really pay attention to but my fantasy team, which got destroyed because I’m an idiot and drafted two running backs who had a bye in the same week. However, I hang out with a bunch of 49er fans (kill me now) and they were all juiced for the Niner game this weekend.

I hate the Niners. Why? I just do. Call it envy, fine. I don’t care. I hate them.

Warning: The following is a bunch of illogical, non-sensical whining that has no statistical evidence whatsoever to back up any of these claims and relies on that thing called “oh it’s just how I feel” to make my disposition seem justified when in reality, it’s an irrational fan speaking too much hyperbole and being a baby.  

What I hate even more is their 6-1 record, and the fact that everyone is buying into the fact that they’re actually a good team. For some reason, I always get so hung up over Power Rankings, and ESPN has them ranked at #2! Seriously, #2. Right behind the defending Superbowl Champion Green Bay Packers. And a bunch of other meaningless outlets have them listed no lower than #4. They are not better than the Patriots or Steelers. They’re not even better than the Ravens, Giants and Bills.

The NFC West this season is probably the worst division ever in the history of the NFL. Hell, it’s the worst division in the history of professional sports (This includes MLS, NASCAR, Horse Racing, Poker, Hot Dog Eating Contests and the WNBA.). I’m going to blatantly ignore the fact that they’ve only played one division game (versus the Seahawks), and say the legit wins most people want to rave about (Bengals, Eagles, Bucs, Lions) is bollocks. The Niners caught each of them in the midst of their inconsistency.

The Bengals game was horrific; the Niners were lucky to come out with a win.

The Eagles are a floundering team right now struggling to figure out who they are. With a lot of new faces, it’s taking a little bit of time to gel (however they have seem to caught some fire lately); the Niners capitalized on their struggles.

The Bucs game was an anomaly. It almost felt like the Raider-Bronco stomping last season. Again, catching a team at the worst time.

The Lions game well…fine, I can give them that. I was really looking forward to Lions destroying the Niners, but they had to disappoint me. I don’t know how the hell they won because I was at the Raider game at the time. But it had to be because Stafford or Megatron was hurt or something.

So if we’re keeping track here, the Niners really only have 4 legit wins — Seahawks, Bucs, Lions & Browns. They should be 4-3.

What’s laughable is that their upcoming opponents include the Redskins, Cardinals (x2), Rams (x2) and Seahawks. SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK?!

It hurts my eyes to watch Alex Smith play. How can Niner fans do it? They probably won’t be able to for long. It’s only a matter of time before he royally screws up everything. The funny thing is, most Niner fans know this, but ignoring it for the time being because it feels too great winning right guys???? But when it happens, man, that’s going to be a great time.

I am sour grapes. So sue me, you bandwagon Niner fan.

I’m over it. I’m over the 49ers. I’m going to laugh when the Washington Redskins beat them this weekend.

Aw maaan…that’s the long shot bet I should have made in Vegas. Darn it. I always think way too late.

3 thoughts on “This is a rant you probably won’t agree with (but you should)

    1. Yeah. I decided to say screw the numbers and throw out any and all logic and just spoke from the heart. I gotta think I’m not the only one who feels this way about the Niners though. They’re just not believable…yet.

      Thanks for the read! Glad you enjoyed it!

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