Assorted Weekend Thoughts

In this post, thoughts about how much I think the new NBA CBA is a load of crap, how much of pieces of crap I think the Canucks are, and how happy I am the Raiders didn’t play like crap. Clearly, the biggest news of the weekend was the “end” of the NBA Lockout. Pending […]

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What Are You Thankful For?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I’ve officially achieved the next level in holiday greetings for the 21st century. I’ve evolved from the mass, impersonal “Happy Thanksgiving” text to the just strictly “Happy Thanksgiving” status updates on Facebook/Twitter to now a “Happy Thanksgiving” on my blog. And along with a formal greeting comes a list of things that […]

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“I had this great post lined up but I got lazy and forgot about it” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Hello there — It’s been a little over a week since my last post, and I’m amused. Amused because, opposed to my mindless, non-factual usual banter about how much I hate some of the things happening in sports, I actually had an insightful post lined up near-ready to go. Not quite ready, near-ready. But I […]

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Al Davis Does Not Approve

If you’ve been keeping up with my insane ramblings, you’ll know that I went on a premature rant a couple days ago about how the Raiders were going to deliberately piss me off. Because I’m so blatantly honest and I don’t sugarcoat the truth, many people are quick to question my loyalty to the team […]

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