What the hell did I just watch?

Note: I wasn’t planning on writing anything for the rest of the week because I think I did a good job of filling this blog with content, but I couldn’t avoid talking about what I (along with the whole country) just witnessed tonight. And plus, I now have a post about every single one of the four major sports within the first week of this blog’s existence. Pending some crazy game 7 tomorrow night (or say, Allen Iverson plays a huge role in ending the lockout and decides to come out of retirement and play for the Golden State Warriors), I probably won’t post again until next week, as I’m heading off to good ol’ Vegas for the weekend. 

The only reason I’m cheering for the St. Louis Cardinals in this series is because Albert Pujols is quite possibly my most favorite baseball player ever. Well, if I’m going to be completely honest, Derek Jeter is my most favorite baseball player ever, but clearly, that’s only for completely superficial reasons and not because he’s one of the greatest Yankees ever to play*.

*Yes, that’s sarcasm. Although me crushing on him is not. The posters in my childhood room prove it.

I hadn’t really planned on watching the World Series, as I’m an Oakland A’s fan…and with the A’s season ending in what? June? — I stopped watching. I guess you can say, I’m what you’d call a very casual baseball fan (so sue me).

I didn’t watch many games this season, aside from that ridiculous last day of the regular season with both the Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves blowing it to my absolute delight. That might have been the most amazing day of baseball ever. I didn’t watch any of the Wild Card/Division games, and I barely watched any of the League Championship Series.

When the World Series started, I would turn on the television to watch the games, but I wasn’t really paying attention.

Then came game 6.

As had been the norm with the first 5 games, I’d turn on the television, turn my head when a run was scored, and then go back to browsing Twitter or stalking people on Facebook. When it was 2-2 in the 2nd inning, I had felt a sense of intrigue inking slowly up my spine, but I wasn’t yet fully engaged.

It was by the Top of the 8th that I started to feel the game had the makings of something really special…like if-I-walk-away-from-this-game-now-I’m-going-to-regret-it-when-everyone-is-talking-about-it special.

I’m not going to do a play-by-play, because if you so happen to be reading this post, you probably already know what happened. But the dramatics of the game were second-to-none. I was watching the game with my mom, who’s cheering for the Rangers because she feels some sort of odd obligation to cheer for former A’s coach Ron Washington at all times, and our conversations from the Top of the 8th til the end of the game went like this:

Me: WTF? Come on St. Louis! Stop letting Texas score runs!

Mom: Ooh, it looks like Wash is gonna get his World Series after all…

Me: It’s not over…I’m not scared.

(a couple minutes later)

Me: I’m scared.

Mom: Why are you scared? It’s not even your team.

(a couple minutes later, after a whole bunch of runs are scored)

Me: OHMYGOD! This is amazing!

Mom: Now, I’m scared.

(a couple minutes later)

Me: Damn you, Josh Hamilton!

Mom: You can’t hate Josh Hamilton.

(a couple minutes later)


(a couple minutes later)

Me: !!?!&#$@?^$!! WHOOOOO!

That game was spectacular despite how sloppily it was played. Even amidst all the errors and boneheaded mistakes, I’m reminded that it’s games like this that makes live sporting events so damn enjoyable.

I’ll say this though — this World Series is 10x more exciting than the one last season. I have a whole experience to share about the World Series last year when I broke one of my cardinal rules as a sports fan and joined the San Francisco Giants bandwagon and became a “fake fan.” Oh man was that an interesting couple of weeks, but that story is for another time.

Ah hell, of all the 10+ World Series’ that I can remember, this one is definitely close to (if not on the) tops of the list.

Game 7 of a Championship Series is the best thing in all of sports. All sports fans should absolutely tune in, even if you’re not a fan of either team or else you’re missing out.

In fact, if you didn’t catch it today, you already missed out. Maaaann.

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