A Lockout No One Cares About — Well, I don’t

I don’t care about the NBA Lockout. Had this situation occurred about 5 years ago, I probably would have gone bat-shit crazy. But now, nope.

I. Don’t. Care. And it’s becoming clear that most people couldn’t really care less also, as can be read here, here, and here.

When the NFL was going through their lockout, I couldn’t avoid it. ESPN covered it day and night, during every airing of SportsCenter while making sure to get everyone’s opinions on the matter from Trent Dilfer to that third string QB on that one team 16 years ago (I don’t know who this would specifically refer to, but they have tons of guys on the network like this. You figure it out. YAY for generalization!) It was evident, not just for me personally, but for the media as a whole that if the NFL locked-out, the Mayan prediction of the apocalypse would have come one-year early.

But the NBA Lockout? Not even close. Hell, it seems like the players don’t even care. They’re already playing in other countries making money. They’re still playing and seemingly unwilling to budge on the revenue split. Seriously, how hard can a 50/50 split share be? (I’m not on the owners’ side. I’m on the what the hell are you fighting over/it’s a waste of time/apathetic side. I just know that’s one of — if not — the biggest conflicts.)

I’m not going to lie — I’m not entirely well-versed on what’s the hold up with negotiations and quite frankly, I don’t care enough to look it up. But I do know that David Stern cancelled another two weeks of the regular season, and that’s the third time he’s cancelled games during the lockout. I also know that I don’t give a shit about millionaires fighting billionaires over pennies especially in a country in a time where people can barely put food on their table.

You might say, “But you cared about the NFL Lockout. Isn’t it the same thing, millionaires vs billionaires?” Well, yeah, BUT I still love the NFL product. I’m not really interested in the product the NBA offers at the moment…even though the Lakers getting knocked out and the Heat blowing it last season were pleasant yet welcome surprises.

I’m not one of those people who hate the NBA and/or basketball, itself. In fact, I consider basketball my first love. I played for 8-years (from 4th grade to Junior Year of High School), and I’ve been a girl’s basketball coach for the past 3 years, going on my 4th in January. I’m also the BIGGEST Michael Jordan fan, and accordingly, was a huge Chicago Bulls fan in the 90’s. I’m planning to write about the decline of my love for basketball sometime later (believe me, I have a plethora of reasons why I’ve grown to dislike the NBA), but at least you can see that I enjoy basketball as a sport.

I don’t care about the lockout, and neither should you. I swear, I say this to every one of my NBA-deprived friends: how about you give the NHL a chance? It’s not hard to get into if you try. And look, Deadspin even put together an “NBA Fan’s Guide to Feigning Interest in Hockey During the Lockout.” That article is for you. It’s equipped with little tidbits you can use to, at the very least, attempt to begin conversation with any crazed hockey fan. If you watch it with an open mind, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Even The Sports Guy himself, Bill Simmons, who’s one of the biggest NBA fans out there, bought LA Kings season tickets, and seems genuinely excited about the Kings’ chances this year (which are pretty good, to my dismay).

The NBA can stay locked out for all I care. I don’t miss it one bit. And it seems no one else does either.

3 thoughts on “A Lockout No One Cares About — Well, I don’t

  1. OMG… love the blog…. but I have to say this. I really haven’t been sweating the fact that the NBA is having a lockout. I have the Big Ten Network so I find myself watching some of the other college sports that don’t get a whole lot of airtime like volleyball.

    Now if football would have been cancelled I might have went ape sh*t…

    1. Watching Volleyball? Now that’s a true sports fan. Shows the NBA how much you truly don’t care. Good for you.

      I don’t have the Big Ten Network, but I do have an extended sports package which includes NFL/NHL/MLB Network (along with NBA TV). Sports are not lacking for me…in fact, I don’t even realize the NBA is gone most of the time.

      And thanks for reading the blog!

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