2016 is Hopeless

Going into Saturday’s Christmas Eve game versus the Colts, I’d been basking in the gloriousness of a playoff berth — the first one in 14 years. It’s been tough being a Raider fan, to say the least, but I’ve never once called myself a fan of any other team.* *Save for the Green Bay Packers, […]

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The Anatomy of a 2016 Raider Fan

The Oakland Raiders’ 2016 season just feels like a dream. Like, all of a sudden, the black cloud that’s been hovering over the Raiders has been finally lifted, and it’s all rainbows and butterflies and Marquette King dancing gifs. Being a Raider fan has been tough, and you don’t need to be Stephen A. Smith […]

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I wanna talk about Lew Wolff

Oh I know, the Raiders are on Monday Night Football for the first time in years, and the Warriors are on a 30 assist/50% from the field streak for the first time since those 90’s Bulls, and the Sharks are middling. But… I wanna talk about Lew Wolff. But really I want to talk about […]

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There was this episode in the TV show Lost called “Room 23.” It was basically a room where the Dharma Initiative locked people in, blasted music at an inane level, and showed them this video.* *Watch the video. Watch all 2:58 of it with your sound on (preferably with over-the-ear headphones on for full-effect). You don’t […]


Happy SuperBowl Sunday!

This game is very high-stakes for me: – If the Seahawks win, that means the Patriots have lost and Niner fans are sad. – If the Patriots win, that means the Patriots have yet another championship (with an asterisk) and Niner fans are happy. I NEED THE SEAHAWKS TO WIN. In the meantime, while you’re […]

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